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Walking Mountain
Every year, for as long as anyone can remember, the Mountain has moved a little northwards. But now it's moving in the opposite direction. And it's picking up speed.

"Joan Lennon's novel has all the qualities of a classic quest - peopled with a fabulous cast of extraordinary characters and animals, it is witty, lyrical, dark, powerful, and constantly surprising."

To find out more, visit the Walking Mountain website.

Planet Hell
Skara Brae, Orkney, the end of the Stone Age.  The sun is dying, storms batter the coast and the world is in decline.  When Rab crawls out of the sea, wearing the remains of his Silver Skin, he throws the islanders into confusion.  Who is he?  Why has he come?  The answers could decide the future.

To find out more about this genre-bending YA novel, visit the Silver Skin website.

The Leif Frond Adventures ...

Leif Frond and the Viking Games
When the Champion of the Waves turns up at the Frondfell Games, Leif's granny goes into overdrive, but that's only one on a long list of worries for our hero.

Kindle edition

Leif Frond and Quickfingers
A tale of cunning deceptions, wild inventions and "the danger of cow" - can Leif survive long enough to solve the mystery of the Old Pedlar?

Kindle edition

Planet Hell
An e-anthology of short stories from Girls Heart Books, all with a link to Christmas!  For ages 8-12, it includes "Out of the Shadows" in which an apprentice Weather Witch's first job on an alien planet proves to be a bit more than she'd bargained for.


Planet Hell
An anthology of short stories from The History Girls about exceptional women in British history.  Aimed at age 9+.  Includes "Best After Storms" about the amazing Victorian fossil hunter, Mary Anning.

Kindle edition

Planet Hell
Sam is one of the Miners who live on Planet Hell, digging ore to power the Earth. It's a nightmarish underground life. Going to the surface means death. Nothing can live there. And then one day, Sam finds a note from the Surface, and learns that everything in his life is a lie.

A thought-provoking sci-fi story for less confident readers.

Kindle edition

Diary from the Rim
Diary from the Rim - A new ebook of YA sci-fi stories.

A diary is discovered in a deserted space station ... a forgotten water world ... Shakespeare in space ...

Kindle edition

Tales from the Turrets

Travel to a world where princesses prefer ferrets to fancy dresses, old dogs are wiser than their young master, and stable boys save the day!

Includes The Ferret Princess, Wag and the King, and The Mucker's Tale.

The Slightly Jones Mysteries ...

Slightly Jones: Dragonfish
A priceless fossil has been stolen - an innocent man has been accused - cryptic clues have emerged - and the hunt is on!  Can Slightly Jones solve the mystery?  Or is her dream of becoming as good a detective as Sherlock Holmes going to be dashed at the first hurdle?  Read and find out!
The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul
In her second adventure, Slightly travels the length of the land with Granny Tonic and the Gentler brothers to solve a puzzling enigma – who is stealing all those apparently random artefacts from the Hunterian Museum?  And how are they managing it?  Is it really a one-legged man with a trained ape?  Or is the answer something even stranger?
The Case of the Cambridge Mummy
A cursed necklace – a ghastly glowing mummy – the mysterious destruction of beautiful fragile artefacts – things are looking grim in wintry Cambridge.  Slightly finds herself teamed up with cocky Matthew Bone again in this adventure of Victorian danger and detecting, but who will end up saving whom?  And what on earth do bicycles and bloomers have to do with it?  Read and find out!
The Case of the Hidden City
"Maria kidnapped.  Dare tell no one.  Ransom demand signed Hidden City.  Afraid."

Slightly Jones arrives in the City of Art and Artists in response to a bewildering telegram.  But will her first case out of her own country prove too much for our detective-in-training?  Will she discover the truth, or will she be lost forever beneath the streets of Paris?
The Night of the Kelpies
When Sandy's father disappeared, nobody was sure what had happened to him. Now Sandy is about to find out ...

A terrifying Scottish tale.

Now available as an audio book

Questors paperback cover
To save the world, you need a hero. Don't you?

Kindle edition

Seventh Tide
A deadly game through time - soul-sucking Kelpies v. a shape-shifter, a boy-monk and a girl from a drowned future.

Kindle edition

eBook edition

The Wickit Chronicles ...

Ely Plot
Ely Plot - Medieval monks, miles of marsh, and somebody desperate to kill the King - what're a boy and a gargoyle to do?

Now available as an audio book and
audible download

Fen Gold
Fen Gold - Pip and Perfect and a beautiful Norse girl race across the sweltering fens in search of lost Viking treasure - but they can't shake the feeling they're being watched. (Book 2 of The Wickit Chronicles)

Now available as an audio book and
audible download

Ice road
Ice Road - Frozen Fens, an invading army and a ghost that walks the snow - more medieval challenges for the orphan Pip and Perfect the stone gargoyle. (Book 3 of The Wickit Chronicles)
Witch Bell
Witch Bell - As the flood waters rise, all eyes turn to Wickit Monastery – including those of the terrible Holy Hunter.  Suddenly Pip the orphan and Perfect the stone gargoyle find themselves in the gravest danger they have ever faced.  (Book 4 of The Wickit Chronicles)
Wow 366
A collection of stories to celebrate the National Year of Reading, each 366 words long (because it's published in a leap year), including "Hunt!"
Kangaroo In My Soup
Kangaroo jokes and stolen inventions, circus performers, a thousand disguises and one wild chase.
Fire and Wings
Anthology of dragon stories, including "Skivvy and Cuttle" - a juggling kitchen girl and a stone dragon come to the rescue of Robin Hood.
The Thing That Mattered Most


Poems for children by Scottish writers, including "Journeys". Great design by Iain McIntosh.

Iron Book of Humorous Verse
Poems for adults including “Since I Have Had Children”
Family Legends
Stories for adults including “The Long Shadow”