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Daughters of Time

Including "Best After Storms" - a story about Mary Anning, by Joan Lennon


The rumble took me by surprise.

Stupidly, I looked out to sea, thinking there must be some sudden, savage wave smashing into the shore.  I stared, reaching my hand down to Tray to grab him by the scruff in case we needed to make a run for it …

He wasn’t there.  He wasn’t there!  The rumble was behind me, from landward, and now it was a roar.  I spun round as the beach ruckled itself under my feet and the scattered pools shivered – and then I saw it.  A river of rock, sliding down the side of the cliff and across the flat surface of the shore on its way to the sea and, just ahead of its leading edge, streaking toward me in a blur of black and white fur, was my Tray.

Save yourself, Mary! something screamed in my head, but my legs would not bend.

... that I dedicated the first Slightly Jones Mystery: The Case of the London Dragonfish to Mary Anning, long before I knew I was going to write this story about her?

Stories in The Daughters of Time

1. "Tasca's Secret" by Katherine Roberts (about Queen Boudicia)

2. "The Lady of the Mercians" by Sue Purkiss (about Athelflaed)

3. "The Queen's Treasure" by Adele Geras (about Eleanor of Aquitaine)

4. "All Shall Be Well" by Katherine Langrish (about Julian of Norwich)

5. "Learn to Die" by Mary Hoffman (about Lady Jane Grey)

6. "The Phoenix Bride" by Dianne Hofmeyr (about Elizabeth Stuart)

7. "A Night at the Theatre" by Marie-Louise Jensen (about Aphra Behn)

8. "An Unimportant Woman" by Penny Dolan (about Mary Wollstonecraft)

9. "Best After Storms" by Joan Lennon (about Mary Anning)

10. "The Lad that Stands Before You" by Catherine Johnson (about Mary Seacole)

11. "Return to Victoria" by Celia Rees (about Emily Davidson)

12. "The Colours of the Day" by Anne Rooney (about Amy Johnson)

13. "Please Can I Have a Life?" by Leslie Wilson (about The Greenham Common Women)