Fen Gold: Book 2 of the Wickit Chronicles

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"Another great Fenland adventure. This is a worthy successor to the excellent Ely Plot, the first in the Wickit Chronicles, with the same endearing double act - Pip and Perfect - at the centre of the action. Joan Lennon writes so well for this age-group (8 to 11s) - her novels have real substance, with plots and subplots which hold the attention, lots of dry humour - largely at the expense of the monks with whom Pip lives in their monastery in the middle of the unbelievably damp Fens - and a splendid cast of characters. Her writing is great to read aloud. Roll on the next in the series. "

Lindsey Fraser, Amazon review


"The second in Joan Lennon's Wickit Chronicles, Fen Gold ... again proves the boggy mists of East Anglia are the perfect backdrop for medieval skullduggery. ... A lively adventure infused with dry comedy. "

Kathryn Ross, The Scotsman

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