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The Wickit Chronicles

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            Splash!  It’s so cold in here, I thought, trying to breathe.  I could hardly swim because the water was freezing and was more than 50 metres deep!  The water was twisting and turning everywhere, it was overlapping on top of me and drowning me.  I struggled to get to the other side.  As I got closer to land, the water started to get calmer and the water got warmer because the sun came out.  It also got shallower so it was easier to breathe.

           Finally I got to the other side.  There was a boy on the beach.

          “Hi,” he said.  “My name is Adam.  What’s yours?”

          I paused for a moment and told him that my name was Eo.

Bronwen (P6)  Arbirlot Primary

            … and splash!  He turned over and over and then nothing.  It was very quiet and calm.  Then Eo decided to look where he was.  He poked his head up and saw some sort of a net.  He thought he must have been caught by fishermen.  He was right.  He got towed into shore.  The fishermen had suspected that the fish they had caught was rather heavy.  He came out of the net and asked where he was?

            “You are in the 25th century on the 4th of July in Arbroath.”

            Eo felt rather bewildered because he didn’t know anyone.  He decided to start looking for people to help him to defeat the Queen.  First he went to a French restaurant.

            He found a rather weird French man but he was willing to help.  By now Eo felt a bit more comfortable because he was making more friends to fight the Queen and her friends.  He then walked along the beach thinking.

            When I get home, he thought, I need some sort of a captain to command my army.  He was so deep in thought that he wasn’t looking where he was going and he bumped into someone.

            “Oh.  Oh.  Sorry,” he said. 

            “That’s all right,” said a voice.  “Who are you, young fellow?”
            “I’m Eo, “said Eo.  “And who are you?”

            “I am Sam, a ? from World War Three.”

            “Oh,” said Eo.

            There was a rustle from inside Eo’s bag and Professor Humple poked his head up from inside the bag …

Kate (P4)  Arbirlot Primary

           SPLASH!!! as I smacked the surface of the sea, breaking it.  I sunk to the bottom seeing tall towering shapes of rock, flaky seaweed.  I heard a high pitched scream.  And the salt nipped my cuts.  It smelt of rotten fish and a choking salty smell.  I got a bitter taste in my mouth.  The sea was as dark as when the moon is hiding behind the black puffy clouds.  I felt a cold wave of coldness creep up my spine.  There was a pause of death about.  I could see the surface of the water reaching for me.

            I hit off the bottom of the sea and pushed up towards the top and took a deep breath of iciness.  The waves hit me against the rock sending me to shore.  Though the sun was shining, the sea was rough as a bear.

           “Help,” I cried, “help help!” but nothing moved, nothing at all, just the sea pulling in and out …

Luka (P6) Aribirlot Primary


The teacher introduced Seventh Tide up to the first throw of the Traveller, and then asked the question "What do you think happened next?" Here are some of the answers.

A great idea, and great results!

The Seventh Tide

If Only I Had a Flying Horse

If only I had a flying horse
I would fly to Mars
I would see aliens in make believe suits with stars in their ears
I would hear sticky gooey stomping
I would smell the burning of the sun
I would taste the sun smoke and
I would feel the stars
If only I had a flying horse

P3 Linlithgow Bridge Primary School


One day a dark night, did swirl
in the midst sat a pale girl
she sat upon a tiny stool
she sat unflinching though the wind cruel
she was motionless lost in thought
the world cruel, but the world so sweet
it depends whatever path you meet
that she was trapped between the two
and there she sat, still as a stone
with a body that seemed to be made
out of bone
the night winds were bitter
but there was our sitter
upon that tiny stool
so small

Elizabeth (age 9) Great Abington Primary School