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The Night of the Kelpies

KS3 Short Novels - Best Books of 2010 - Badger Collections for Reluctant Readers

Books from Scotland Children's Choice Book of the Month February 2010

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Sandy's dad disappeared before he was born. Some say he drowned, but others say the kelpies, the evil horses of the bay, took him and still hold him prisoner. Sandy's not sure who to believe, but when he's dared to spend a night by the bay he decides to do it, and what he finds there will change his life forever ...

“You think he drowned,” she went on. “Or ran away. That will be what your mother told you.”

“She says he was lost. That's all,” Sandy muttered.

The old woman stared at him. He tried to out-stare her, but it was like out-staring a stone. He looked down at his feet.

Mrs Grey snorted. “No need to be rude,” she said in her cold, old voice. “And your mother’s right. He was lost. Just not in the way you think.”

“What do you mean?” said Sandy.

“I mean, there’s worse things than drowning,” said Mrs Grey.

... that there are evil kelpies in another of my books - The Seventh Tide?


... that Sandy's Grandmother scares me even more than the kelpies do ?


...that my dad had a camera just like the one Sandy's dad had?

"Sandy and his mum go back to look after his injured grandmother to the place where his father disappeared before he was born. They don’t get much of a welcome from his grandmother, or his fellow pupils at the new school. They dare him to spend the night at the Bay which is supposed to be haunted by Kelpies, evil sea horse creatures who take human form on land and take humans as slaves. Of course Sandy doesn’t believe in them, but is warned by his grandmother to take precautions as “there are worse things than drowning”. He soon finds out exactly what she means as danger looms and more than one shock awaits him.
Exciting short story with large print and quite a few pictures to
encourage newly developing or older reluctant readers. "

Primary Times NYorks, Easter Issue 2010


"These excellent titles go from strength to strength providing cracking reading... Joan Lennon takes the ancient Scottish legend of the Sea Kelpies , half-horse, half-human ...With suitably scary black and white illustrations it's an excellent short read"

Val Bierman - Carousel - Summer 2010


"I would give this book 9/10.The story was exciting and I liked the ideas of the Kelpies.The pictures where good especially the characters eyes which were realy cool! The only thing is that it could have been a bit longer. I am going to try the Wickit books next."

Niall (age 11)

The artist for Tales from the Turrets is

Daniel Atanasov