Words can change the world

Templar Books
ISBN: 9781787417328
Illustrated by André Ducci

Words can change the world.

Here are the stories of 16 fascinating people, from different parts of the world, living in momentous times – people who had things that they knew needed to be said, and who stood up and said them.

Presented in contemporary graphic novel style, this is a book for a new generation of thinkers and talkers.

‘Vibrant and bold, this is a unique book … a brilliant book to dip in and out of, with so much to learn about the power of words.’ Erin Lynn Hamilton, My Shelves Are Full

‘Should you step into its pages, 150 years of inspiration are at your fingertips. Climate change, racism, human rights – these are just a few of the topics discussed in this much-needed book. Voices must be heard and if this book is on every bookshelf, then there is hope we can make the world a better place, one day!’ Sarah Broadley, My Book Corner

‘This is a history book unlike anything one would expect in all the best ways. I would recommend this to all children.’ Gemma E. McLaughlin, The National

‘… essential reading for children who will one hopes feel empowered to speak out for the causes in which they believe.’ Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub