I wanted to be a writer from the time I knew which end of the pencil made the marks, but I was 50 before it became a career. There are so many things to write about – so many stories to tell – I love my job!
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Walking Mountain
Silver Skin
Leif Frond and the Viking Games
Leif Frond and Quickfingers
Slightly Jones and the Case of The London Dragonfish
Slightly Jones and the Case of The Glasgow Ghoul
Slightly Jones and the Case of The Cambridge Mummy
Slightly Jones and the case of The Hidden City
Wicket Chronicles: Ely Plot
Wicket Chronicles: Fen Gold
Wicket Chronicles: Ice Road
Wicket Chronicles: Witch Bell
Night of the Kelpies
Planet Hell
Seventh Tide
Tales from Turrets
Tempered Dragon
There’s a Kangaroo in My Soup