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"... well-rounded characters, which change and face personal demons; there is humour,
quirkiness and complexity and the worlds are vividly and excitingly realised.
Definitely a writer to watch.

Book Trust Children's Books


" ... fascinating, highly original, often humorous fusion of fantasy, sci-fi and quest story."

Everyone's Reading, School Library Association


"Joan Lennon's storytelling is lively and thought provoking, there's never a dull moment.
In Questors she has created an astonishing reality which echoes our own, but offers
something completely different too. The story zips along, it's complicated and quirky,
constantly tugging the reader along. Fantasy, yes, but with a pleasingly down to earth
feel. There are reminders of Terry Pratchett in there - though Lennon has a style
all her own. I'd recommend Questors for 11 year-olds upwards, and adults.

Reader's review, Barnes & Noble, 5 Star


"That Lennon manages to create three unique worlds with separate cultures
and distinct flavors
and unify them in one complicated but complete narrative
is a feat of legerdemain hard to equal. Blending magic and sci-fi, Lennon
mingles the fantastical amidst the everyday with humor and heart.

Anita L. Burkam, The Horn Book


"... Entertaining, amusing, with carefully drawn characters and a well-
thought-out plot, Joan Lennon's sci-fi is a latter-day Gulliver's Travels
that takes the reader to delightfully imagined worlds; a mathematical
society where institutionalised autism holds sway, another so awash
with testosterone its inhabitants are in a state of permanent war and a
society of have and have nots, whose natural resources are running out.
The perfect team on paper, each child is in fact flawed, but as they
discover, just doing your best is often enough to achieve great things.

Janet Christie, Scotsman on Sunday, Sunday 14 January, 2007


"... A brilliant fantasy adventure with great humourous undertones,
I couldn't stop chuckling, and absorbing characters, I defy anyone
who wouldn't want a Nan like Mrs Mac. Children and adults alike
will love it."

Bookseller review
5 out of 5


"I enjoyed Questors because it was filled with action,
adventure and war. If you were looking for adventure,
you found it. Read Questors and you will be hooked.
I really liked it.

P.S Thanks for the experience. I am very grateful."

Keith, schoolboy


"This book will capture the hearts of all who read it. Fantasy,
thriller and adventure, a three in one deal. A bit like our
heroes hearts, minds and souls which will be needed
throughout the quest. If you love dragons, war, legend and
a small scare now and then, this is the type of book for you.

Ailbhe, 9 years old.


"Questors is a great fantasy novel with a lot of interesting
and amusing characters. I thought the plot was good and
really involving with an unexpected ending. Along the way
there are also many funny and unexpected events. I especially
liked the mix of different cultures and different people.

George, 12 years old (


I read Questors by Joan Lennon and really really enjoyed it!
It's one of my favourite books. My favourite character was
Mrs Mac ... I like the way Cam is always referred to as 'it'.
And I'm really curious to know whether 'it' is a he or a she.
There was a good twist at the end - I didn't expect it at all!

Cassie (age 12), Essex