The Seventh Tide


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I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to both boys and girls. Joan Lennon is a wonderful author and has told the story spectacularly. It had me hooked from the beginning right through to the end.

Orla Goulbourne, age 10. Worcester News, 13 Feb. 2010

Lennon has an extremely inventive style and is able to sustain it till the last page of the novel … The story abounds in wit and humour ... a captivating work of fantasy and adventure.
... a wondrous ride that has the capacity to hold its readers tightly in its grip.

Debashree Majumdar: The Telegraph, Calcutta, 27 Aug, 2008 .

"Throughout the story, the Scottish locations are vividly evoked. The characterisation is warm and rich. Events are compelling, inventive, exciting, and poignant by turns. The humour is frequent, intelligent, and genuinely funny. ‘The Seventh Tide’ is an outstanding fantasy adventure, very highly recommended. And there’s even a heroic librarian!"

Antonia Gray: Write Away 11th May, 2008


"A story of different worlds and magical adventure, The Seventh Tide is a funny, esciting book spanning across lots of different times. The lives of three people are suddenly interrupted when Eos, a shape shifter, accidently opens a portal to a deamon dimension into his world. One of my favourite books!"

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