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Wickit Chronicles

- Medieval mystery, miles of swamp and the adventures of a gargoyle and her boy -

When I set out to be a writer I never guessed I'd end up writing a medieval mystery, set in the middle of an enormous swamp, about a living, breathing, stone gargoyle and her boy - but I've learned that when ideas come into your head and refuse to leave, you should pay attention! Pip and Perfect were like that. I'm really glad they insisted on pushing their story to the front of my mind or I might never have written Ely Plot, let alone the other books in the series. And part of the fun was researching Medieval times. I found out so many astonishing (and some frankly disgusting) things that I couldn't squeeze them all into the stories - so I added a section at the back of each book with extra fascinating facts. I hope you enjoy reading about the weird and wonderful world of Wickit, and Pip and Perfect's adventures, as much as I enjoyed writing them!

  Ely Plot Fen Gold Ice Road Witch Bell
  Ely Plot Fen Gold Ice Road Witch Bell

A Terrified Author Speaks to Camera ...


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"Consistently lively and charming, its one to look out for."

Amanda Craig, The Times

"Good for: readers looking for something completely different - and gargoyle-loving adventurers."

CY Magazine