Witch Bell: Book 4 of the Wickit Chronicles


Witch Bell

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"My nine year old is completely over the moon about all four of the books in this series. So much so that on our visit to England this summer we had to make a special effort to get to the Fens region and see the National Trust's last bit of preserved fen. These are great historical fiction for the elementary set. There's a touch of fantasy for fun, but a really accurate portrayal of medieval times in that region (NOT too grim, given the target audience). I'm only bummed that the author seems to be pursuing other things and not additional adventures for Pip and his tiny pet gargoyle, Perfect.

Thank you to Joan Lennon for opening up the world of good historical fiction for my child."

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"This is the fourth in the series and we’ve read them all. This one can certainly be read alone, but it’ll make you want to read the others anyway, so you might as well start at the beginning and read all four."

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